Are you tired of...

  • Catastrophic thinking and worry
  • Obsessed with why you can't sleep
  • Worried about using herbs while breastfeeding
  • Feeling overwhelmed with motherhood and on the verge of taking medication?

I get it. I felt the same way raising twins.

When it comes to healing after childbirth.. here's what you need to know

#1 Postpartum depletion is real and filling the nutrient gap with the RIGHT diet and supplements WILL reduce your symptoms. This can last years after you've had a baby.

#2 The Root Cause of postpartum anxiety and depression could be poor methylation (MTHFR gene) and low Vitamin D or Zinc; even if your children are older.

#3 Regulating your nervous system is key to healing your symptoms, AND it takes vagus nerve exercises + nourishment to heal.

#4 Anxiety + depression + insomnia go hand in hand. We have to address all of them, in order to heal.

Moms like you - need to put your health first so you can be more present with your family

Fortunately for you, I've created a solution.

Welcome to....

The EXACT nutrition, herbal remedies, and holistic practices to soothe your nervous system so you can stop anxiety and feel more present with your family -this course is backed by studies and research.

This course guarantees you will feel relief or get your money back!

What's included in the course?

Step #1: Postpartum depletion cure

{valued at $297}

Postpartum depletion: How to nourish your adrenals and stay off the sugar roller coaster ride so you can balance your hormones more efficiently.

The methylated diet to detox with food and the RIGHT supplements improve your energy fast if you have the MTHFR gene.

Balancing hormones naturally with diet & supplements so you can reduce postpartum anger and waves of emotions. {released 5.26}

5 Gentle detox strategies to reduce weight, ease digestion and reduce toxins {released 5.26}

Bonus {valued at $197}

>Turn your diet around with 12 simple, nutrient-filled recipes known to reduce constipation and aid detoxification.

> The 5X framework for an easy-to-follow daily plan to nourish your adrenal depletion; even if you have brain fog!

Step #2: The must-have supplements & amino acids to soothe anxiety {valued at $297}

The UNEXPECTED supplements and amino acids to improve energy, aid methylation, and soothe tight muscles and anxiety.

Bonus: The anxiety & depression busting supplement cheat sheet for quick answers. {valued at $97}

Plus, Fast links to my favorite products!

Step #3: The fast-acting herbal remedies {value $297}

  • Master herbal medicine remedies to soothe a heart racing, and prevent burn-out; even if you're breastfeeding

  • What to do instead of anxiety medications; the 8 simple nervines for anxiety 

  • The end of medications - discover the 6 unexpected botanicals to breakthrough mild depression with these popular blended remedies

  • The 8 adaptogens that you'll want to integrate to have a general feeling of calm most days.

  • Breastfeeding safety; you'll feel confident using botanicals with this 4-step process.

Bonuses {valued at $197}

>Writing through postpartum depression to release anger and find more patience

>The adaptogen recipe for quick answers & The ONE daily tea blend to soothe anxiety and nourish your nervous system

Step #4: The 10-day Sleep Restore Bootcamp {value $297}

Instant access to the EXACT herbal and homeopathic remedies for each time of the night to help you..

  • settle down at night without medications
  • go back to sleep faster - when you get worked up
  • plus how to soothe a racing heart @ 4:00 am without waking up groggy

Step #5: Heal your nervous system {value $297}- Released June 2023

  • Master the vagus nerve and neural flossing exercises to soothe trauma and your nervous system in just 5 min. a day.

  • Save thousands of dollars in therapy, when you know how to stop a panic attack with tapping, visualization, and somatic exercises.

Total Value of: $1976

Who is The Present Momma for?

Moms who...

  • crave a holistic approach to healing heart palpitations, insomnia, and anxiety

  • want to get to the root cause of anxiety; the MTHFR gene and depleted vitamins

  • have tried medications and hate the way they feel on them

  • moms who are OR who are not breastfeeding

  • moms who have the MTHFR gene and have noticed they feel flat when they take medications for anxiety OR

  • they don't want to take medications at all

How is this course different from other courses?

Back by science, after ten years of working with new moms, we've discovered the MTHFR gene is contributing to our postpartum anxiety and depression!

> Other courses do not address how this gene affects your depletion of vitamins and minerals and how your diet is so important to detoxification and energy!

>Other course, do not share the safe botanicals to use while breastfeeding

You feel like you've tried everything.

That's why there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Why should you trust me?...

>>>>I don't just teach this stuff. I live and breathe it. As a mother of twins, a widow, and a business owner; I've learned soothing your nervous system is key to healing anxiety

>>>>>I'm a certified women's herbal educator. I've had over 15 years of experience growing herbs, using them, and teaching hundreds of women how to integrate them safely.

>>>>I'm a problem solver. I love helping other moms feel amazing. Why? I've been where you are and I know your body is capable of amazing things.

>>>>Being diagnosed with Lyme disease, heavy metals, mold toxicity, and experiencing trauma; taught me how important it is to support your detoxification pathways and how the MTHFR gene is contributing to PPA, PPD, and PMDD.

Hey, I'm Tara

After struggling with postpartum depression, insomnia, and anxiety for over 24 months, I finally found the answers to the herbal remedies I was seeking when I enrolled to become a women's herbal educator with Dr. Aviva Romm.

  • Up all night, when everyone else was sleeping?
  • Getting to the root cause of your insomnia by addressing your adrenal health, trauma, and vitamin deficiencies will restore your sleep and mood!
  • Thinking scary mommy thoughts?
  • Amino acids and "brain retraining" can help you overcome trauma and intrusive thoughts.
  • Postpartum rage?
  • In Chinese medicine, your liver is the seat of anger. By addressing your liver health and supporting it; you can release this anger - naturally.

It took plenty of mistakes before coming up with the diet, supplements, and botanicals to shift out of depression and anxiety without medication. 

Now it's time for you to experience the same results.

I can't wait to meet you!


Who is this course for?

Moms who...

  • feel depleted after childbirth
  • are struggling with mild forms of depression and anxiety
  • are struggling with poor concentration, low energy, and happiness
  • want to feel happy and energized again!
  • don't want to wean from breastfeeding, you want to know the safe, researched botanicals
  • Moms who have older children and want to get to the "root cause" of anxiety
  • have the MTHFR gene and want to learn the valuable nutrients, diet, and herbal remedies to support themselves and their children's health {as your child probably has this as well!}


#1 I'm breastfeeding, is this safe?

  • All of the herbal and homeopathic suggestions will note if it's safe while breastfeeding AND most; if not all, are!

#2 What if I've never tried botanicals before?

This course is for you! I'll teach you the EXACT herbal and homeopathic remedies you need to overcome anxiety naturally.

#3 How much time does this require?

The course will take 1-2 hours to watch with plenty of handouts and easy-to-reference links to save you time & money.

  • Plus! Each video is intentionally under 20 minutes to serve the busy momma.

#4 What if I need extra help or support?

You can always email me @ [email protected]

#5 What if I decide this is not for me?

If you're not 100% satisfied, we have a 30-day refund policy.

#6 Who is this course for?

  • Moms taking SSRIs who want an alternative plan {please consult your doctor before coming off any medications}
  • Moms who are having trouble with anxiety and insomnia
  • Women who love natural remedies and want to feel more present with their family
  • Moms who are or are not breastfeeding
  • >>>
  • Moms who feel their problems began AFTER birth.

  • <<<<

#7 Will I have to spend more money?

Tara will suggest teas, tinctures, and supplements to purchase to reduce your anxiety -fast.

You can purchase them at your own speed. This is the most affordable way to overcome anxiety without a lifetime of medications.

#8 Tara, "I'm not postpartum anymore!"

  • ANYTIME after pregnancy is considered postpartum, but I understand if you don't connect with that word anymore.

  • The Present Momma offers safe breastfeeding herbal and homeopathic options; which is why I say postpartum. You're welcome to join the course and see if it's a good fit for you or book a private consultation.

#9 Can I purchase a private later?

  • Yes, I'll add the link to your course.

#10 What are the costs?

  • There are two price points.
  • #1 DIY for $97 and the modules will be released within the month.
  • #2 Walk through the course AND have a 45 min. the private call with Tara for $197.