How to use herbs & homeopathy with kids age 1-12

Even if you're afraid they won't work fast enough

"By the time our children are 18 years old, they'll have taken between 10 and 20 courses of antibiotics, and then another 10-13 rounds of antibiotics in their 20s" - Dr. Aviva Romm

Are you a mom who's tired of doctor's just prescribing medications?

  • You want an alternative to recurring ear infections
  • You're worried about when your child starts daycare or kindergarten
  • You hate using antibiotics, but know sometimes your child needs them
  • You prefer natural remedies but you're afraid you're doing more harm than good

You only want what is best for your children.

I understand, I've been there! 🙋‍♀️

You prefer good research when using natural remedies, but you just don't have the time to way the risk to the benefit.

Plus...You're nervous natural remedies won't work fast enough and scared they may hurt your child.

If you're nodding YES to this. I got your back.

  • I was also scared to use herbs and homeopathy with my twins. But, when my son came down with C. diff due to just a few rounds of antibiotics. I had to take action.
  • Then, he was send home with 5 scripts for "asthma-like" breathing and again - we turned to herbs & homeopathy to help.
  • And me? I became very sick after one round of antibiotics and tons of stress in 2007- and when the doctors had no answers, I turned to an Ayurvedic doctor for help. That's when my journey to healing my gut began.

I've studied with master herbalist like Peeka Trenkle, Robin Rose Bennett & Dr. Aviva Romm and now it's time you've learned these remedies as well.

It took plenty of trial and error before coming up with

  • the 20-minute fix for croup
  • the simples steps to reduce ear infections
  • and the fast remedies for teething

Now it's time for you to experience the same results with herbs & homeopathy.

That's what I'm here to help with.


"Before using Tara’s custom tincture, my son had a lingering cough for over a month. I tried many different remedies, including Zarbee’s naturals, and nothing really seemed to work. The first day I used the tincture Tara created, he coughed up the mucous he was holding onto. After about 4 days of the tincture, his cough was finally gone. We always have Tara’s tinctures on hand, including mixtures for a headache and PMS symptoms that I use regularly.” - Julia Kisla

Introducing... Home Remedies For Children

The only way to reduce common childhood symptoms all year long with botanicals & homeopathy

What's included?

If you were to work with me privately for health consultations it would take

  • 10 hours @ $85/hour= $850 + bonuses
  • Value of the course: $1,000

At the end of the course you’ll understand how to use homeopathy safely with your teething child and toddler, How to use herbs to soothe your child's cough and fever and share these remedies with your neighbors and family for years to come to take charge of you and your child's health.

Plus, you’ll be able to reuse, rinse and repeat the system for years to come.


Looking for bonuses? Here's what you get...

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After you purchase, you'll have instant access to the online course and be invited to our closed FB group, so you can have full support as you go through the course at your own pace.

When we reduce medications, you'll notice

  • fewer colds, seasonal allergies and "asthma-like" breathing
  • fewer ear infections and need for tubes
  • less tummy aches
  • easier compliance - they love the taste!
  • fast, safe, effective soothing for ear pain, croup, and even fevers

>>Plus! Your child will know what they need when they are sick as they get older<<

**{this is my favorite}**'ll learn the herbal remedies your grandmother would have shared with you


In just a few hours you'll have learned EXACTLY how to use herbal remedies so you're not afraid of using them and wondering if they are doing any harm to your child.

  • you would have learned how to fill the nutrient gap to reduce the cold & flu all winter long
  • you'll learn new ways to improve my children’s health naturally
  • you'll boost immunity and improve sleep for years to come

Here's what happens after you click that buy button!

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Risk-free purchase

Go through every module. If you're not delighted with the results, in fact if you don't notice any change in your child's health in 30 days, then I'll be happy to refund you 100%.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have access to when I sign up?
You'll have instant access to your course and will be able to use your bonuses right away.
What exactly is included?
*The EXACT remedies for cough, colds, sinus, ear infection, and the flu. *The EXACT products that work to boost your child's immunity. *How to reduce constipation with your child's diet. *Video's, worksheets, FB LIVE coaching, and community of other momma's who've got your back!
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I would never want you to be unhappy. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. Please email me @ [email protected] if you are not satisfied with the course.
Will this work for me if I have no experience using herbs?
Yes! I take you step-by-step on how herbs are created and what botanicals I have used for success. There are some DIY recipes, but it's not necessary if you are not interested in making herbal remedies.
What else do I need to spend money on in addition to this?
You'll want to purchase teas, tinctures, and vitamin suggestions at your own pace. Although these items cost money, it is significantly less than a trip to the ER or for an x-ray for pneumonia!

P.S. Your children deserve better healthcare. Reducing medications now will save them a lifetime of illnesses and disease. Buy today, knowing if you're not able to reduce medications in 30-days, I'll give you your money back!

Courses Included with Purchase

1-hr Masterclass: How to use homeopathic medicine for baby & toddler
Even if you're afraid they won't work fast enough
Tara Gregorio - Certified Women's Herbal Educator

Total Value: $85

Let's change our children's healthcare for years to come

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