Tighten the gap of diastasis recti in 6-weeks- Guaranteed

even if you're children are older

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"It's not important that you close the gap, it's important that you learn how to strengthen the connect tissue to reduce pain for years to come." - Tara Gregorio; Postnatal Expert

Are you a mom who feels like...

  • You have doming in your core when you do a sit-up
  • You hate your flabby tummy - despite the healthy diet
  • Your back always "goes out"

I feel your pain. I want you to know you..

You can heal old birthing & pelvic injuries; even if your children are older

Hey! I'm Tara~

For thirteen years I taught the STOTT PILATES method to thousands of students and clients, but it wasn't until I had twins that I realized..

  • How hard it is to heal diastasis recti while raising little people
  • How stress affects our gut health
  • How digestion is affected after each pregnancy
  • How important your pelvic floor health is as you age

My clients, women of all ages, started sharing how strong they felt when we stopped doing sit-ups and integrated pelvic floor exercises with our work.

It took plenty of trial and error before coming up with my 4-step Pelvic Pow-HER plan to help clients finally tighten the gap of their separation.

I've packaged all of this into my online course:Pelvic Pow-HER

Clients have discovered

  • How to engage their pelvic floor
  • That their pelvic floor is tight and they shouldn't do Kegels
  • How to get stronger without crunches
  • How diet is affecting bloating and constipation

Why..."it's not about closing the gap" it's about tightening the connective tissue to PREVENT further problems.

That's what I'm here to help you with

Introducing Pelvic Pow-HER

The 6-week Post Pregnancy Ab Rehab online course to help you tighten the gap of your diastasis recti and reduce low back pain so you can enjoy your family again.

What's included?

Value: 10 Private Pilates sessions: $1500

Value: 5 Private Health Consultations: $425

Total value: $1920


At the end of the course you’ll understand how your breath, posture, diet and stress is affecting your separation and know how to tap into these strategies in the most unforgettable way.

Plus, you’ll be able to reuse, rinse and repeat the system for years to come.

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Who is this course good for?

  • women who to heal their diastasis recti naturally
  • women who want to strengthen their core safely

In a mere month or two you'll have learned how to engage your core without crunches; to reduce back pain and risk of further injuries.

After you sign up, you'll have instant access to the program and the closed Facebook group with coaching included, regardless of when you start. Get started today!

“Working with Tara is well worth that hard-fought hour I’ve bent over backwards to make for myself. I am not a ‘fitness class’ type person but Tara’s demeanor and impressive knowledge of her craft steadily convinced me that her class is the best use of very scarce time.I honestly rank it right up there with coffee in my toolkit of things that help me to be a sane mother. You know all that stuff with our bodies that we silently ‘just deal with’ after having kids…as if that’s just the way it is going to be from now on? I’m not talking about aesthetics, I mean the real functional problems that you try not to let bother you but they do. Tara’s classes have shown me that, even with very minimal time, even after giving birth naturally to three kids including twins, it is possible to restore yourself.” -Jen Zwarich

Imagine this...

    • knowing the EXACT exercises to heal old pelvic & birth injuries
    • knowing WHY your stomach is flabby - despite a healthy diet
    • feeling confident having a full bladder will not be a problem as you get older & after another birth
    • feeling relaxed and able to focus on YOU

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"The brilliant thing about this course is that Tara shares so many different tools and techniques. She provides a clear framework so that each student can easily figure out which of these will work best and create an effective, individualized home program that will be perpetually useful. With complete confidence, I recommend this course to anyone who needs to address pelvic floor issues."

-Megan O'Connor, MS, CM, LM, LMT

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
It starts the moment you join. This is a self-paced, life-time access online course.
How long do I have access to the course?
You have lifetime access to the Pelvic Pow-HER course. Each time I offer a FREE challenge, you are welcome to join!
What if I am unhappy with the course?
If you follow the program and don't feel like I've committed to the promise, just let me know in 6-weeks from your purchase and I will refund your money 100%!
What if I my kids are older?
Yes! It's never too late! These Pilates-based and Physical therapy based exercises will help you engage your core and pelvic floor to reduce back pain, bladder leaking and injuries for years to come.

P.S. Do not wait any longer to take care of your core & pelvic floor health. Reduce your risk of surgery by enrolling today! Plus, I'd never want you to be unhappy, if you do not have success within 6-weeks, simply ask for a refund.

I really enjoyed my call with Tara. She was warm and easy to talk to. Also, I got a ton of great information out of a brief call - she knows her stuff, and was willing to answer any questions I had. For instance, going into the call, I was unsure about whether I knew how to engage my pelvic floor muscle. Tara walked me through an exercise that demonstrated how to do so properly, which I found hugely helpful. At the end of the call, I left feeling even more motivated and confident to embark on the pelvic pow-her course. Definitely recommend! - Mary Bryan

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