Are you a mom struggling with...

  • Painful breastfeeding
  • Not enough supply
  • Anxiety
  • Baby blues
  • or just wanting to use natural remedies but don't know where to start?

Moms, like you, need a fast way to get results.

Fortunately for you, I've created a solution that does just this.

Welcome to...

For moms who are struggling with...

√ breastfeeding problems

√ stress & exhaustion

√ anxiety & depression

√ And you want to know the safest remedies to take when you get sick

Backed by science and tested by herbalists & moms from generations past

What's included in this mini-training?


  • spending less time searching for herbal remedies and their safety
  • not having to worry about which products to purchase
  • feeling confident choosing herbal medicine

How much time would you save...

  • If you had a resource to view your safe remedies at any time of day?
  • If you knew exactly what you needed to feel better NOW
  • If you were not wasting time searching for remedies?

If you're like most moms, you've tried everything from fenugreek to cabbage leaves while nursing...

And nothing works... so you give up breastfeeding. What if you had a better solution?

Unlike scrolling social media for a safe remedy...

This min-course is step-by-step with printable recipes & my favorite products, so you get what you need - FAST

Because let's face it; life with children is chaotic - you need answers now

Why should you trust me?...

>>>>I don't just teach this stuff. I live and breathe it. As a mother of twins, I've documented all of my herbal remedies that worked!

>>>>>I'm a certified women's herbal educator. I've had over 14 years of experience growing herbs, using them, and teaching hundreds of women how to integrate them safely.

>>>>I'm a problem solver. I love helping other moms find natural remedies. Why? I've been where you are; no sleep, screaming kids, and little to no time.

You now have a safe, effective place to go to for herbal remedies postpartum & beyond

Hey, I'm Tara

I help moms integrate herbal teas, tinctures, and homeopathy without fear or worry.

I've always been passionate about natural remedies, but it took my husband's passing in November of 2020 for me to realize how necessary they really are in a woman's life.

When you learn how to use botanicals correctly, you'll sleep better, have better digestion, and be able to withstand ALL of life's challenges.

Yes, we're just talking about breastfeeding remedies. But, if you're struggling with PPA or PPD like I did - You'll find some safe remedies inside that will last a lifetime.

I've packed all my safe breastfeeding remedies into this quick mini-course where you can refer back to it, time and time again.

I know you only want what is best for your little one, so I teach you the signs to look for if a botanical is not right for you or your baby.

If your a new mom or doula and love natural remedies, then this course is for you!



Leave the guilt behind..

  • You deserve researched, effective herbal remedies taught by doctor's & herbalists around the world
  • You need fast remedies so you can feel rested
  • You only want what is best for your children, trust your gut feelings

The Ultimate Shortcut

Workshop #1: Herbal Medicine Safety: How to use herbs safely during the breastfeeding years so you feel confident ($97 value)

Workshop #2: The 26 Herbal Remedies while breastfeeding with EXACT dosing for safety ($47 value)

Bonus#1 : The teas and tinctures to soothe postpartum anxiety {value $97}

Bonus #2: The breastfeeding pain Herbal remedies videos so you feel confident using the right botanicals {value $97}

BONUS: #1 Closed FB community to ask questions (PRICELESS!)

Total Value: $338

Today's Price: $27

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're on the fence and don't know if this mini-course is for you. I get it. If you're not satisfied with the course, send me an email and I will give you your money back - no questions asked.

You only want what's best for your baby, feel confident using herbal medicine